Portable Icons – Murals

I accept commissions for portable icons and murals of any subject and dimensions based on ecclesiastical painting tradition. My goal is the best possible rendering of each image and the high quality of the final result. That’s why every project I am assigned from the smallest portable icon to the largest scaled murals are worked with the same passion and effort.

My technique

The icons are painted with egg tempera on board made ​​of solid ash wood or plywood to any thickness required. As an alternative to tempera, beeswax can be used instead or synthetic medium (acrylic, PVA, caparol etc.).The icons can be simple mixtion-gilded or water gilded.

The murals are made ​​with either egg tempera directly on the wall, silicate or synthetic medium (acrylic, etc.), depending on the quality of the wall and the conditions affecting it. The technique of the wall painting will fit to each individual case and of course in relation to the client’s preference.


I give iconography lessons at my workshop for beginners and advanced painters. The courses include technical training and discussion on theological and aesthetic issues.

For more information please contact me.